Rebutting An Army QMP Selection

US Army QMP Selection

What is the Army QMP?

The Army Qualitative Management Program(Army QMP) was established under Army Directive 2014-06. The Army QMP’s purpose is to identify noncommissioned officers (NCOs) whose performance, conduct, or potential for advancement do not meet Army standards for continued service. The Army QMP also encourages Soldiers to maintain their eligibility for continued service in the Army. Being selected for the Army QMP process can have potentially devastating results and can come when a Soldier has served for upwards of seventeen years.

3 Reasons NCOs are considered for Army QMP selection

    1. The NCO has negative information included in his or her AHMRR/MILPER including:
      • a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR or sometimes spelled GOMAR)
      • a court-martial conviction
      • an Article 15 non-judicial punishment
      • a negative or referred NCOER
      • a Service School Academic Evaluation Report failure


    1. The Army deputy chief of staff, G-1, or designee, approves a Army QMP selection request from the NCO’s commander with General Court-Martial Convening Authority, or a referral to the Army QMP selection process from the Human Resources Command commander or his designee.


  1. The NCO fails to qualify for promotion consideration to the next grade because he or she failed to complete the appropriate level of NCOES training.

The majority of NCOs selected for the QMP process are chosen under the first circumstance listed. NCOs who have negative information such as a GOMOR/GOMAR, Article 15, court-martial conviction, or negative NCOER should speak to an attorney about the options to have this negative information removed from his or her military records.

NCO Options When Selected for Army QMP

NCOs selected for the QMP process will be notified by their chain of command and the notification of selection will specify the reason that the Soldier has been selected. Upon notification, the NCO will have two options.

  1. Submit matters of mitigation to the president of the Army QMP selection board
  2. Opt to voluntarily retire instead of fighting the QMP selection, if eligible for retirement.

Rebutting your Army QMP selection

NCOs are given wide latitude to submit rebuttal matters to the Army QMP board.  They can attack the basis for the Army QMP selection, such as contesting the propriety of a reprimand, non-judicial punishment, or referred NCOER.  Soldiers can also include extenuating and mitigating evidence such as overall quality of service, awards and decorations, character references, and previous NCOERs.  NCOs are not provided the opportunity to make a personal appearance before the Army QMP selection board, so it is essential that the QMP rebuttal includes the strongest arguments possible.

NCOs that have been notified of selection for the Army QMP process should immediately speak to an attorney about what kind of mitigation information should be provided to the Army QMP board.

There are a myriad of issues to consider in how to approach your rebuttal and what to include as part of the rebuttal packet. If you have been selected for separation from the Army under the QMP, complete the contact form on this page or call Crisp and Associates, LLC today for a free consultation.