Attorney Jonathan Crisp Helps Acquit Maryland Man of Rape Accusations

Attorney Jonathan Crisp from Crisp and Associates, LLC has successfully defended a Maryland man of rape charges. The defendant was accused of raping a fellow National Guard member after a night of drinking at Fort Indiantown Gap in May 2014. The defense was able to prove that consensual sex had occurred on the night in question, leading the jury to clear the defendant of his charges.

Attorney Jonathan Crisp contended that the woman had cried rape against the defendant in order to avoid a deployment, as shown by her prior appeal to not be deployed for reasons of financial hardship. By accusing the defendant of rape, the plaintiff was given the ability to stay in the United States.

Fortunately, abundant evidence was available to the defense. Other members of the defendant’s unit testified that they had seen the defendant and plaintiff together several times, in spite of her claims that she had never spent time with the defendant outside of work. Testimonials also revealed that the defendant was not told to stop at any point during the alleged rape. Click here for more information about the decision.

This victory adds to Crisp and Associates’ already impressive track record. With their decades of experience, the firm has a notable history of handling tough cases for military personnel. As a former active duty Judge Advocate General (JAG) officer for the Army, Attorney Crisp uses his vast experience to advocate his clients with skillful determination.


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