Challenging Negative Findings in Security Clearance

You’ve been told that there was some unfavorable information discovered during your security clearance investigation/re-investigation and your clearance has been revoked or initially denied; now what?  First, stay calm, over 98% of security clearances that are applied for are ultimately granted.  Additionally, the attorneys at Crisp and Associates can do several things to help you … Continued

Military vs Civilian Law

Attorney Bryan DePowell of Crisp and Associates Military Law discusses some of the differences that exist between military and civilian prosecutions. Contact Crisp & Associates, LLC if you have been charged with a military crime anywhere in the world!

Soldier Held by Taliban Faces Court-Martial

Sgt. B. Bergdahl was released in exchange for five Taliban detainees from Guantanamo Bay. Now, his attorney says that his case was referred for trial by a general court-martial. According to Attorney E. Fidell, the convening authority decided not to follow the advice of the preliminary hearing officer, who recommended that his client’s case be … Continued

Can Jurisdiction Affect a Desertion Case?

Some have wondered if it makes a difference if a service member who is a deserter gets picked up by local, state or military police. This is a valid question since the manner in which a desertion ends greatly influences the term of confinement imposed upon the deserter. If a service member deserts in violation … Continued