Challenging Negative Findings in Security Clearance

You’ve been told that there was some unfavorable information discovered during your security clearance investigation/re-investigation and your clearance has been revoked or initially denied; now what?  First, stay calm, over 98% of security clearances that are applied for are ultimately granted.  Additionally, the attorneys at Crisp and Associates can do several things to help you … Continued

Military vs Civilian Law

Attorney Bryan DePowell of Crisp and Associates Military Law discusses some of the differences that exist between military and civilian prosecutions. Contact Crisp & Associates, LLC if you have been charged with a military crime anywhere in the world!

Pentagon Sheds Light on Sexual Abuse of Military Kids

During field training in North Carolina, Cpl. A. Masa quickly became friends with one of his fellow Marines. But little did his friend know, he was sexually abusing his friend’s 3-year-old stepdaughter. Masa also decided to take sexually explicit photos of the little girl and his friend’s infant baby girl. A year after the scandal … Continued

Soldier Held by Taliban Faces Court-Martial

Sgt. B. Bergdahl was released in exchange for five Taliban detainees from Guantanamo Bay. Now, his attorney says that his case was referred for trial by a general court-martial. According to Attorney E. Fidell, the convening authority decided not to follow the advice of the preliminary hearing officer, who recommended that his client’s case be … Continued

Should Veterans on Death Row Get Special Treatment

In 2009, wounded war veteran J. Davis received a Purple Heart, four decades after fighting in Vietnam. After receiving his medal, it was removed, his shackles were replaced, and he was taken back to his cell on death row. The fateful day took place in Asheville, North Carolina back in 1995. After having been fired … Continued

Sailor to be Tried for Attempted Murder of Fellow Sailor

NORFOLK, Va. – A sailor who was being treated for mental health issues and accused of stabbing another sailor at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center in 2014 will now be tried for attempted murder in military court, the Navy announced on Sep. 28, 2015. Petty Officer 3rd Class W. Harwell allegedly attacked Petty Officer 2nd Class … Continued

Attorney Jonathan Crisp Helps Acquit Maryland Man of Rape Accusations

Attorney Jonathan Crisp from Crisp and Associates, LLC has successfully defended a Maryland man of rape charges. The defendant was accused of raping a fellow National Guard member after a night of drinking at Fort Indiantown Gap in May 2014. The defense was able to prove that consensual sex had occurred on the night in … Continued

Can Jurisdiction Affect a Desertion Case?

Some have wondered if it makes a difference if a service member who is a deserter gets picked up by local, state or military police. This is a valid question since the manner in which a desertion ends greatly influences the term of confinement imposed upon the deserter. If a service member deserts in violation … Continued

Military Sexual Assault Reform Fails to Pass Senate

For two years in a row, a plan aimed at removing sexual assault crimes from the military justice system failed to pass the Senate. The measure was sponsored by New York Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and was backed by 49 other senators, however, it failed to get the 60 votes needed to be included in … Continued

Retrial Set for Plymouth Native in Iraq War Crime Case

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. – On June 08, 2015, a retrial was set to start for a Marine who was convicted in a high-profile court martial involving the 2006 killing of an Iraqi civilian. Sergeant L. Hutchins III, a native of Plymouth, was scheduled to be tried again at Camp Pendleton in California, according to the … Continued