Defending Allegations of Sexual Assault in the Military

Attorney R. Davis Younts, Esquire I recently had the privilege of defending a Lieutenant Colonel who was falsely accused of sexual assault. At his court-martial our combination of independent investigation and strategic questioning of witnesses resulted in the complaining witness admitting on the stand that she did not believe she was sexually assaulted and that … Continued

Challenging Negative Findings in Security Clearance

You’ve been told that there was some unfavorable information discovered during your security clearance investigation/re-investigation and your clearance has been revoked or initially denied; now what?  First, stay calm, over 98% of security clearances that are applied for are ultimately granted.  Additionally, the attorneys at Crisp and Associates can do several things to help you … Continued

Military vs Civilian Law

Attorney Bryan DePowell of Crisp and Associates Military Law discusses some of the differences that exist between military and civilian prosecutions. Contact Crisp & Associates, LLC if you have been charged with a military crime anywhere in the world!

Soldier Held by Taliban Faces Court-Martial

Sgt. B. Bergdahl was released in exchange for five Taliban detainees from Guantanamo Bay. Now, his attorney says that his case was referred for trial by a general court-martial. According to Attorney E. Fidell, the convening authority decided not to follow the advice of the preliminary hearing officer, who recommended that his client’s case be … Continued