Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL) Rebuttals

Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss Rebuttals Primary Hand Receipt Holder Soldiers can be unfairly and improperly held accountable for lost or destroyed government property through the Investigation of Property Loss. Oftentimes, a Primary Hand Receipt Holder (PRHR) can be charged when the Army property they safeguarding is missing.  Without misconduct or negligence on their … Continued

The Military Bullet Journal

The Military Bullet Journal Have you ever looked around the room at a group of NCOs or Officers before a meeting? If you do you will realize that all of the successful ones have something in common. They have a pen in hand and a notebook (usually a Federal Supply Service green notebook). There is … Continued

The Language of Command

Non-Judicial Punishment Article 15 Crisp Military Law recently represented a military member at their in-person appearance for Non-Judicial Punishment pursuant to Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. While not a complete victory, the outcome was highly favorable for the client and resulted in suspended punishment. This allowed the service member to keep … Continued

Double Jeopardy

Can I be punished by both the military and a civilian court for the same crime? This is called Double Jeopardy and the answer is “Yes”. Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently. If you are charged with a crime by civilian law enforcement, not only will you face civilian charges, you will likely face action by … Continued

Military Plea Deals

Should I Take a Plea Deal? One of the most frequent questions that I hear in my practice relates to the very difficult decision to accept the military version of a plea deal (pre-trial agreement). This question can only truly be answered after a thorough review of all the facts of a case and the … Continued

Negative Info on Military Records

Removing Negative Information from Military Records Service members in each branch of the military commonly receive negative information permanently filed in his or her military records. Such information can cause irreparable damage to the service member’s career. Service members will often have a difficult time getting promoted. In fact, some may even face separation as … Continued

Non-judicial Punishment

What is non-judicial punishment (NJP)? The term non-judicial punishment (NJP) describes forms of punishment used to maintain good order and discipline in each of the armed forces. NJP is allowed by Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Depending on which service you are a member of, NJP is referred to by … Continued

Military Interview Techniques

Military Interview Techniques One of the critical aspects of our representation involves a strategic approach to dealing with military law enforcement. The Special Agents of the Army Criminal Investigations Division, Navy Criminal Investigative Service, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and the Coast Guard Investigative Service are Federal law enforcement officers who receive their … Continued

Security Clearance Guideline E

  Responding to the dreaded Guideline E – Ways to maximize mitigation in your response to the Statement of Reasons. Those of us who deal in security clearance issues and litigation understand that successfully mitigating security concerns is the key to helping our clients obtain their cleared status. We also understand that losing their security … Continued

Positive Military Drug Test

Failed Military Drug Test? What Happens Next? Most armed service members know when they return to their unit after the holidays, they will likely be subjected to military drug testing. A positive military drug test result can impact their military career and may even result in court-martial charges. Any military member who tested positive for … Continued