All charges dismissed against E-6 accused of molesting a twelve year old girl at FT Belvoir, Virginia.  Attorney Crisp proved to the Article 32 Investigating Officer that the girl had fabricated the allegations to get attention.  He was able to uncover similar false allegations the girl had made against others at other military installations despite the attempts of the government to prevent their introduction at the hearing.  As a result, the Investigating Officer recommended, and the Convening Authority agreed, to dismiss the charges against him.

Full Acquittal in Drill Sergeant Sexual Assault case at FT Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina.  Attorney Crisp successfully defended a Drill Sergeant falsely accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with a Soldier In Training.  Attorney Crisp aggressively cross-examined the alleged victim and was able to highlight certain inconsistencies in her testimony.  The panel deliberated for less than hour in fully acquitting Attorney Crisp’s E-7 client.

Acquittal of 1SG accused of Rape at FT Bragg, Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Attorney Crisp performed a detailed and thorough cross-examination of the accuser and called numerous fact witnesses to attack her credibility.  At the conclusion of the case, the credibility of the accuser was seriously in doubt due to her multiple contradictory prior statements highlighted through cross and the defense witnesses.

United States Army, O-5, Board for Correction of Naval Records. Attorney Gordon successfully helped argue that his client should be retroactively awarded the Army Bronze Star Medal with “V” for meritorious service in a combat zone in 1968.

United States Army, E-1, Army Discharge Review Board. Attorney Gordon successfully argued that his client’s military discharge should be upgraded from a General under honorable conditions characterization to an Honorable characterization. The Discharge Review Board found that the client was the victim of a substantial error of fact by his chain of command. Attorney Gordon was able to convince the Discharge Review Board that his client’s discharge was too harsh based on his overall quality of service and was therefore inequitable.


At Captain’s Mast Navy E-3 found not guilty of unlawful drug use.  Attorney Gordon’s discovery of exculpatory evidence and knowledge of urinalysis program and drug testing procedures enabled him to demonstrate client’s innocence.

Army 1LT acquitted at Article 15 proceeding at Camp Shelby Mississippi.  During demobilization, a 1LT was accused of hazing and abuse of subordinates while in theater.  Attorney Crisp presented multiple witnesses to contradict the allegations of the AR 15-6 officer and successfully demonstrate the good military character and excellent leadership skills of this Platoon Leader.