The attorneys of Crisp and Associates Military Law are the worldwide leaders in military justice and court-martial defense—period. Our attorneys consist of former military judge advocates, a law enforcement officer, and others all of whom have served in the Army, Navy, and Air Force, or worked closely with the other Uniformed Services. Our attorneys have handled every military law matter from a simple non-judicial counseling to defending Soldiers who appeared on the front pages of newspapers and magazines worldwide. They have been on both sides of the aisle: prosecution and defense. We have handled matters from Seaman Recruit to general and flag officers. They have served at every level of the chain of command from a platoon, ship and squadron to the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Experience matters. With offices in Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia, and experience handling career-ending administrative investigations to the most serious criminal matters, Mr. Crisp and the attorneys of Crisp and Associates Military Law know what it means to selflessly serve others. We are ready to stand by your side with powerful representation before any tribunal…anywhere in the world.



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