At Crisp and Associates Military Law, we are proud to offer quality military criminal defense services to military members who are seeking counsel. Our experience and dedication to our clients make us stand out from the rest. We use our knowledge of the various laws and regulations governing military justice to provide each individual with the best possible resolution to their case.
Military members have a lot to lose when they are charged with criminal acts. Without the representation of an aggressive experienced attorney, they could risk prison time, loss of their career, and civilian penalties. If you find yourself facing any criminal charges, do not hesitate to contact Crisp and Associates Military Law right away and seek the guidance of a nationwide military criminal defense lawyer.

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Court-Martial Defense

Court-martial cases are very serious, and without the guidance of an experienced attorney, you could face very severe penalties. To protect yourself from a conviction, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault cases have recently gained significant attention in the media as well as our Congress. Undoubtedly commanding officers do not take accusations of sex-related crimes lightly. If you have been arrested for or even accused of sexual assault, you need to contact Crisp and Associates Military Law to protect your future.

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Article 15

Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice authorizes commanders to discipline service members without convening a court-martial. Hence, it is also called non-judicial punishment (Captain’s Mast in the Navy) because it does not involve the judicial system..

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Violent Crimes

Some of the most aggressively prosecuted cases in the military are accusations of violent crimes. If you were charged with assault, battery, Shaken Baby Syndrome, kidnapping, or any other violent offense, you need to work with an aggressive military criminal defense lawyer from Crisp and Associates Military Law right away.

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The most severe of all criminal complications that you could face is the crime of illegally taking another person’s life. Consequently if you are charged with murder, you may be facing immense penalties upon conviction. Our firm can defend you against these serious crimes.

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Drug Crimes

While drugs are outlawed in the military, drug crimes are not uncommon. The military has a zero-tolerance policy for offenders, and you could be facing serious criminal complications if you have been arrested. You need to ensure that your rights are defended by working with a lawyer.

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Records Correction / Discharge Upgrade

Each branch of the military offers administrative remedies to correct a service member’s military records. This includes everything from administrative discharges, punitive discharges as a result of a court-martial, medical retirement eligibility, non-judicial punitive actions, reprimands, evaluation reports, and so forth.

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The Army Qualitative Management Program (QMP) is a program established under Army Directive 2014-06. The purpose of the QMP is to identify noncommissioned officers (NCOs) whose performance, conduct, or potential for advancement do not meet Army standards for continued service.

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Security Clearance

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a government contractor with an active Top Secret (TS/SCI), Secret, or confidential clearance. Nor does it matter if you’re just seeking employment in a position that requires you to view classified information. It’s hard to deny the value, monetary and otherwise, in gaining and/or maintaining your security clearance.

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