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Obtaining a Security Clearance

If you are a Servicemember, civilian employee of the federal government, or an employee of a company contracted with the federal government, your employment may require a security clearance. Applying for a security clearance should be taken seriously and conducted with care and strategy so that you are able to obtain and retain not only your clearance, but also your job. Our attorneys have held security clearances themselves, so they understand the process from personal experience and can help guide you through the process.

First, keep in mind that only those whose job requires access to classified information can apply for a security clearance. This means you must have a job, or an offer for a job, that requires a security clearance. The government does not grant security clearances to individual citizens without a need to access secure information. The application process includes an extensive and thorough background investigation to determine your eligibility for access to classified information. As part of this process, you will need to complete the Standard Form 86, “Questionnaire for National Security Positions.” There are a number of issues that may arise throughout the background investigation that could prevent you from obtaining a security clearance. Our attorneys can help identify mitigating circumstances, and assist in completing the SF86 thoroughly and properly.

Denials, Suspension and Revocations

If unfavorable information is discovered during the initial investigation or subsequent periodic investigations, you may receive an Intent to Deny or Intent to Revoke notification. If you receive one of these notifications, stay calm. Over 97% of security clearances that are applied for are ultimately granted. Additionally, there are several things that the attorneys at Crisp and Associates Military Law can help you do to address the situation and better your chances of receiving a favorable clearance determination.

If you already have a security clearance and receive an Intent to Revoke, your security clearance may be suspended.  This is an interim decision pending the final decision to either reinstate or revoke your clearance. Both the Intent to Deny and Intent to Revoke are warning letters informing you that information discovered in the background investigation may disqualify you from eligibility for a security clearance. Along with the notification letter, you will receive a Statement of Reasons (SOR) specifically identifying the information that needs to be addressed.

Determinations on a denial or revocation are made based on the level of access needed in conjunction with the “whole person” perspective. Stated another way, one need not have a “blemish free” past to obtain a security clearance. Unfavorable information can be, and usually is, mitigated based on a variety of factors. The majority of individuals who fail to obtain a clearance are those who do not take action after the initial Statement of Reasons is received. Undoubtedly, challenging the unfavorable information is your best way to get or keep your security clearance.


The security clearance attorneys at Crisp and Associates Military Law can assist you in responding to the Statement of Reasons and offering evidence in mitigation. If you are further in the process and have already received the final denial or revocation of your security clearance, the attorneys at Crips and Associates Military Law can assist you in appealing the denial/ revocation.

Whether you are a Servicemember, a civilian employee of the federal government, or a government contractor, it’s hard to deny the value, monetary and otherwise, in gaining and/or maintaining your security clearance. If you are in the process of applying for a security clearance or have recently had your application denied or clearance revoked, Crisp and Associates Military Law can provide the informed and competent legal representation necessary to obtain and retain your security clearance. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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