Experienced and Aggressive Defense Attorneys Fighting Article 120 Sexual Assault Charges for Military Personnel

Sexual assault cases have garnered the attention of the President, the Secretary of Defense, Congress, and the media.  As a result Commanders do not take accusations of sex-related crimes lightly.  Congress has effectively forced Commanders to prosecute any sex assault case regardless of merit.   As part of this recent Congressional emphasis on the prosecution of sex assault cases, Congress has provided significant funding to the Military Departments; the Military Departments have appointed special prosecutors called Special Victim Prosecutors (SVPs) that focus solely on sexual crimes and they have become very active in prosecuting these types of cases.

To ensure you are able to defend against a “he said, she said” scenario, you need to have expert counsel with years of experience defending your rights.  The attorneys at Crisp and Associates Military Law have the experience, reputation and dedication you need on your side.  Sexual assault offenses are very serious and require the representation of an experienced legal professional to ensure that your rights are protected and your freedom defended.


Investigations Under Article 120

Understand that if you are tried and found guilty of a sex crime, you could be forced to endure confinement, prison, fines, restitution, and be listed in the sex offender registry for your state or place of residence.  At a minimum in most sexual assault cases, individuals are subjected to investigations from governmental agencies, including their branch of the military.  If the alleged victim was a civilian, you may be facing civilian prosecution and penalties as well.

While this time in your life may be confusing, you need to ensure that you take the time to speak with a military defense lawyer from Crisp and Associates Military Law.  We can provide you with representation at a court-martial or for an administrative hearing.

Sexual Assault UCMJ Article 120 Details

UCMJ Article 120: Rape and Sexual Assault Generally
UCMJ Article 120b: Rape and Sexual Assault of a Child
UCMJ Article 120b: Other Sexual Misconduct


Legal Counsel For Your Sexual Assault Case

In the event that you were charged with a sex crime, you need to contact our firm right away. The sooner you retain the representation of our team, the sooner we can begin to review your case and use our experience and knowledge of the laws to help provide you with a favorable outcome for your case.

Attorneys on our legal team have past military Judge Advocate General’s Corps experience and experience in law enforcement. We are qualified to represent clients nationwide. Whatever military base you are on, whatever charges you are facing, you need to contact Crisp and Associates Military Law today! Schedule a free initial consultation with our team to get started.



All charges dismissed against E-6 accused of molesting a twelve year old girl at FT Belvoir, Virginia.  Attorney Crisp proved to the Article 32 Investigating Officer that the girl had fabricated the allegations to get attention.  He was able to uncover similar false allegations the girl had made against others at other military installations despite the attempts of the government to prevent their introduction at the hearing.  As a result, the Investigating Officer recommended, and the Convening Authority agreed, to dismiss the charges against him.

Full Acquittal in Drill Sergeant Sexual Assault case at FT Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina.  Attorney Crisp successfully defended a Drill Sergeant falsely accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with a Soldier In Training.  Attorney Crisp aggressively cross-examined the alleged victim and was able to highlight certain inconsistencies in her testimony.  The panel deliberated for less than hour in fully acquitting Attorney Crisp’s E-7 client.

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