Soldier serving in Italy Retained Despite Government Argument that He Should Receive an Other than Honorable Discharge

Vicenza, Italy – April 2015

After a long and often heated battle with skilled Government counsel, Attorney Bryan DePowell of Crisp and Associates Military Law Division was able to convince a lawfully empaneled Administrative Separation Board to retain his client.

The Solider in question, who had been previously convicted at a General Court Martial but had not been punitively discharged, was marked for Administrative Separation by the Government shortly after the close of the Court Martial proceeding. In spite of his conviction, the Soldier maintained his innocence to the charges against him and the members of the ADSEP Board listened.

Following ten hours of testimony and two hours of deliberation, the members of the Board unanimously voted to retain this Soldier.

When asked about the key to his victory, Attorney DePowell commented that “the key to any victory is simple: zealous advocacy… the Attorney needs to make his client’s issues his own. Every client is important and giving up is not an option.”

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