Strategic Court-Martial Defense

military attorney“Strategic” Court-Martial Defense

“Strategic” refers to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.

Recently, during one of our Friday afternoon meetings, the attorneys at our firm spent time discussing the goals and reasonable potential outcomes for several of our ongoing cases. The conversations reminded me of the discussions I had with other military officers when I was deployed and when I was studying for my Master of Military Operational Art and Science degree from Air Command and Staff College.

The importance of strategic planning in matters of national security and war is obvious. However, I have learned over time that the principles and concepts that are learned in military planning are critical to success in criminal defense and all aspects of defending military members against adverse actions.

Court-Martial Defense Attorney

An attorney must have a clear and realistic understanding of military law, the rules of evidence, military culture, and the tactics and methods employed in courts-martial just like a military commander must understand the terrain, the enemy, and the military objectives of an operation. Often, I fear that strategic thinking in criminal defense cases is something attorneys tend to overlook as we turn from one fight to the next and seem to be in a constant rush to meet deadlines. There can be a tremendous temptation to approach cases in a similar manner and try to use a boilerplate approach.  In military criminal defense, as in military operations, failing to be flexible and tailor the strategy to meet the individual circumstances of a case can result in disaster.

At Crisp and Associates, LLC we take a strategic approach to each case and work hard to ensure that the right attorney or the right team of attorneys is assigned to every case and that they have the experience, resources, and ability to achieve the client’s goals and objectives. In criminal defense strategic planning in action involves:

  1. Clear and open communication with clients to understand their situation and what is most important to them.
  2. Thorough investigation, witness interviews, and legal research.
  3. Leveraging experience and specific skill sets to identify the right tactics for every aspect of a court-martial.
  4. Leveraging experience and specific skill sets to identify the right tactics for every aspect of a court-martial.

Building a Strategy

If you or someone you know is facing military adverse action or a court-martial it is critical that you consider your ultimate goals and objectives and build a strategy that fits the situation.

  • What resources, time, and energy will you need to victory?
  • What type of attorney do you need to win?
  • Can you rely on military counsel or do you need an experienced attorney with experience and a specific skill set?

If you are under investigation or facing charges, these questions should be a part of your mission planning process as you seek to fight and win the battle for your career, your future, and perhaps your freedom.

At Crisp and Associates, LLC we have former active duty JAGs, NCOs, prosecutors, and police detectives on our team. Based on over 30 years of experience we have access to highly respected expert witnesses and are able to combine our litigation expertise with our in-depth knowledge of the military that comes from boots-on-the-ground experience working with and advising commanders from new lieutenants to three-star generals.