BAH and Travel Fraud

I recently represented an NCO at a General Court-Martial who was accused of Larceny in violation of Article 121 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and making False Official Statements in violation of Article 107 UCMJ, related to alleged BAH fraud.  Despite being wrongfully accused, my client was in a fight to save … Continued

Questions About Military Drug Testing

While preparing for a court-martial case at Fort Bragg I had the chance to speak with a Forensic Toxicologist who was one of my experts for the case.  The Toxicologist works as a civilian for the military.  He has spent years working with military drug testing facilities and is familiar with their internal processes as … Continued

Is a “Guilty” finding at NJP an actual “Conviction?”

Not a Criminal Proceeding. A guilty finding at a non-judicial punishment should never be considered a ‘conviction’ because it was never meant to be a criminal proceeding. The purpose of non-judicial punishment is to correct minor deficiencies with service members in an expeditious manner and not to punish the military member in any lasting way. … Continued

Misconceptions About Sexual Assault in the Military

The Military Environment In today’s military environment, every military member is required to attend training related to sexual assault response and sexual assault prevention, often referred to as “SARC” or “SHARP”. Sadly, the information provided in these training sessions is often inconsistent with military law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Inaccurate Information is … Continued