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“Owen, Thanks for providing the much-needed support, expert advice, and dependable services for delivering the surrounding facts for the cancellation of my BAH indebtedness claim. You and your team are courteous, empathic, and sincere professionals. You expertly assisted me in thoroughly explaining the facts about why I should not be held liable through comprehensive illustrations of military regulations. Because of your knowledge and diligence, I did not have to pay my debt. I am truly grateful and would highly recommend your company to anyone who is facing any indebtedness in the future before rendering payment to any claim.”

– Latisha Brooks

“This law firm was very professional and helped me get the outcome I was looking for.”

– Alberto Zuniga

“Best ever, they very good at what they do bar none the best.”

– Jason Robinson

“I consider myself quite fortunate finding Crisp and Associates and my attorney Mr. Bryan DePowell because I gave them my first shot after reading their Web Page! It was a Sunday when I contacted the office to leave a message and couldn’t believe Bryan answered! Can’t recommend Bryan highly enough… professional, efficient, effect & prompt getting back to the client!!!”

– John Croak

“Crisp & associates provides the best legal services that I’ve ever seen. There is no one I would rather have handle my legal matters than he and his team.”

– Corwin Sample

“Crisp & Associates are great at what they do! I highly recommend them if you are looking for someone who will ensure that justice is served. Donald Gordon is great at dealing with cases involving military law and discharges. He handled my case and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I always had positive experiences dealing with the office staff and they were prompt in returning my calls/emails. Great experience overall!!!”

– Wesley Hart

“Crisp & Associates were wonderful in handling my case. Donald Gordon was very professional, prompt, and answered all of my questions. Everything was handled so fast and he did an amazing job in getting everything resolved. I owe him a lot and am very grateful I had him handling my case.”

– Kim Fischer

“Literal lifesavers. Knowledgeable, compassionate, honest, hard working, and reliable. Best money I ever spent! Thank you!”

– Lisa Minetti

“Mr. Moreno did an excellent job in creating a strong rebuttal as I was facing a Field Grade Article 15. We were in a time crunch with needing to have it finished quickly and he delivered excellently as I was found not guilty and the case was dropped. I highly recommend Mr. Moreno and his team for any legal services!”

– Jacob McTeer

“My daughter was being discharged for a medical reason at Coast Guard boot camp. It was a temporary condition that was easily corrected my medication. She was in DHE ( ready to ship home). I called Crisp and Associates, and worked with Floencio. After a few phone calls she is now being retained and allowed to finish her training. Great response and communication. Thank you for your help!!”

– Garrett Smith

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Florencio. Throughout the process he has been extremely patient and fair. His expertise and integrity are why I chose to work with him and should I have any future needs, he will be the first person I contact. Thanks for your assistance, meant so much!”

– Lisa Dunn

“Great firm. I would recommend this firm to anyone of my friends. Mr. Gordon is very professional and knowledgeable in military law.”

– American Citizen

“Mr Gordon is the best! This situation was a complete hardship on me and my career. With the help of Mr D. Gordon I was granted a discharge upgrade to Honorable… Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to my case.”

– Janice Jackson

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